About Us

Ukraine is known for its picturesque nature, originality, art and craft. That’s why our products are popular not only in Ukraine but all over the world. Thanks to its ecological materials products.

Our products have great smell and make people feel better. They will fit in your interior and make it warmer and even more comfortable. “” online shop suggests you buy jewelry for men, women and kids. Also we have wooden toys, wall décor and other high quality products with reasonable prices. There’s no more need to spend a lot of time looking for original gift. Here you’ll find something for you and for people you care about. 

Nowadays handmade things are popular all over the world, especially if we talk about souvenirs. Nothing can compare to positive energy and warmth of things made of natural materials like wood, leather, cloth and others. They combine both quality and exclusive design. has wide variety of things made by folk handymen so you will easily get something for you.